Social Media Packages

Package 1


Small Business: Smaller Plan

This package is for someone either just starting a business or a business is looking for simple maintenance upkeep to make sure your accounts are active and not going dormant. Again we use real people for account managers not automated social media posts as that is defeating the whole point of social media.


Prices starting at $2,000/ month

Package 2


Medium Business: 

Competitive Results

This plan is for the active social media businesses who are looking to compete in their market-place and start really growing their accounts. The more time spent on social media the more your customers will interact with you and you might make some online sales or much better conversions as someone is actually alive on your platforms.

Prices starting at $10,000/ month

Package 3


Large Business: All of our social resources & results each month

Do you want your business to really shine on social media and not be just another account that is deep in the weeds? Our team knows your audience better than you once we get in and take a look at the data we are able to see and analyze ways to best create and engaging content for your ideal audience. 

Prices starting at $50,000/ month