Regulated Industry Referral Program

Noggin Finance regulated industry referral program.JPG

Noggin Finance has created a very unique financial product for our regulated industry partners. We have created a way in which when a regulated industry partner or non-partner wants to send a client to Noggin Finance to help grow and we want to send back a referral fee/ commission to that regulated industry partner. What we at Noggin Finance do like to do is payout referral fees. For each referred client from our federally regulated partners, through our company, we have an account created for each referral. That way each referral customer can go into their own account and that way they can pay for lights, payroll, marketing, or whatever they need those funds for. This is one way we are helping our corporate regulated partners and helping each referred customer grow their business, employees, products, locations, and businesses visibility to new heights in a lot quicker timeline! 

We can now partner with Banks, Insurance, Legal & Law, Mortgage, Finance companies, and other regulated industries. Noggin Finance is one of the only companies we know of that is able to offer this at this time.