Everything from package 1 plus there is another feature called 8: Customer Voice and it is where you can set up email campaigns like MailChimp. This feature gives you the ability to utilize a constant email campaign and tracking the results through this easy-to-use dashboard. It also connects and you can see your website and social media stats as people are converting from your email to your 3rd party links. With this package 2, you get the full features and benefits of Solid Number where package 1 is very limited and it is for smaller businesses that are just getting started. I would recommend package 2 to business that is utilizing all of the above-mentioned products and see how you can integrate everything your business does online into one dashboard to save you and your staff time as you expand business and or many locations. 

Business Directory - Package 2

Price Options
Directory Package 2
$499.99monthly/ auto-renew