Other Financing Options

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Noggin Finance offers other financing options for any sized business in all 50 states and now we have partners in 180 Countries. Contact us to get started in the process you would be surprised how easy it is and how many people we helped realize their dreams are now possible. 

Additional Banking Products from all vendors Domestic and International

  • Foreclosure Bailouts properties

  • Purchase

  • Refinance

  • Fix and Flips

  • Rehab


Loans on the following properties types, but not limited to

  • Non-owner occupied Investment property

  • Multifamily

  • Apartment buildings

  • Office Buildings

  • Mixed-Use buildings

  • Retail

  • Gas Stations

  • Medical Centers

  • Industrial

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouse

  • Hotels

  • Strip Centers

  • No Doc Loans

  • Revolving Credit Lines

  • Secured Bridge Financing

  • Purchase Order Financing

  • Acquisition Financing

  • Inventory Loans

  • DIP and Exit Financing

  • Cash Flow Loans

  • Real Estate Financing

  • Loans Against Selected Gemstones and Artwork

  • Loans Against Negotiable Instruments, Including LC’s, SBLC’s, BG’s, and Bank Drafts

  • International Real Estate

  • Conventional Factoring and AR Financing

  • Asset-Based Loans

  • Letter of Credit Financing

  • Funding for Healthcare Providers



  • Prime Rate to Prime Plus 2% on Most Debt Financing Transactions

  • 1% Per Month and Higher on Discount Factoring

  • 1% Per Month and Higher on Purchase Order Financing

  • 3% to 12% Per Annum on Real Estate Transactions


Timeline to Closing

  • Bridge Loans completed within multiple days to 2 weeks depending on lenders

  • Most Other Transactions 30 to 45 Days

  • Equipment Financing

  • Real Estate JV Equity Participation

  • 100% Financing for Domestic and International Construction Loans of $1 Million+

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • SBA Loans

  • 100% International Project Financing

  • Film Financing

  • Land Loans

  • Small Construction Bridge Loans

  • Micro Unsecured Business Loans As Low As $5,000 Up to $500,000 (Not a Merchant Cash Advance)
    Church Financing

  • Loans for Cash Flowing Non-Bankable Companies Secured by Patents or Trademarks etc.


Funding Size

  • $25,000 and Up

  • Typical Transactions Range From $500,000 and Up.

  • Transactions Outside of the United States Start at the US $1,000,000 and Up.

Not seeing a financial option that you're looking for? Let's connect and see if we can figure out a solution.