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Here are the Noggin Finance 3 plans to provide Leads to obtain a commission or become a Service Provider and we build very successful sales funnels for your business and then our third option is actually partnering with us to work with our sales team and provide leads and close sales with us and get industry-leading commissions with a resource kit like no one else in the United States. We offer a wide variety of financial services and funding and financing to any person or any sized business in all 50 states and now in 180 Countries. Contact us or click one of the images below to check out each of the businesses! 

Any person or type of business in any industry. You provide the lead. We provide an instant referral fee!

A subcontractor that works with leads coming in organically or we strategically build a paid leads funnel to your business. 

You work your own hours, you provide your own leads, you close deals yourself or with the help of Noggin Finance & make instant commissions from your leads.