Solid Number Marketing & Business Dashboard


Are you looking to manage your entire business from one dashboard?

Today you are in luck! Noggin Branding has now partnered with Solid Number a software provider that has built an all-in-one marketing CRM and funding dashboard for any person or business owner in all 50 States for now! If you become a customer you get access to your own all-in-one Marketing CRM and  Funding Dashboard + your own ongoing success manager to help you run your business at optimum efficiency. The success manager is there to help you utilize Solid Number's dashboard & deep resource and application list.

Below is a screenshot of what a customer's Solid Number CRM Dashboard looks like. Solid Number is the most data-driven dashboard to show the retail performance of your business as well as showing the performance of everything your business has running online and how all of that translates to sales! Every business is always wanting to know are their sales up or down and where are they coming from? Solid Number is that system to show you that and more in a very simple and easy to ready way! 


If you click on the image or the PDF document below you can see the entire customer marketing and business CRM. 

Solid Number Customer Dashboard
These 3 Solidnumber packages are to utilize the
Solidnumber Marketing & Funding Dashboard
3 Solidnumber Dashboard Signups.PNG