How does SEO work? 

           SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A lot of people claim they are good at it or know at least what is going on. However, for most it is a mystery. A simple starting point to understanding SEO is thinking about how you search. When you go to Google or another large search engine, can you usually find what you are looking for very quickly? How did you search for that particular item? If you can find something by name pretty easily it means the site most likely has good SEO or at least a lot of traffic for that search phrase. 


If you have a website do you know how much traffic is coming to your website each week, month or year? How are people are finding your website? Do you know what searches they are using to find your website? Are the searches coming locally, statewide, nationally or Internationally? These are some simple starting questions to see the current effectiveness of the business or organization in search engines.


Business owners need to understand the traffic off of their website and how people are using it to access what they are needing. Give us a call to learn more and get ahead of the game for once. 

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