Some of our current business partners   

These are some of the current Groups or Organizations that we have a Vendor Partnership Agreement and our their preferred provider for Branding/ Marketing and ways to help any business grow in various ways. 


I currently am a Digital Champion for Cascade Radio Group and their 5 Radio Stations. I work with their Sales and Brand Managers and act as the person that helps bring value and statistics to the Radio advertising/ sales. I am now also able and offering digital campaigns that we can track and show web traffic, email list building, social media engagement and many more people entering contests and engaging in digital campaigns. We are now able to translate these radio and digital campaigns to our clients. Noggin Branding is also now Cascade Radio Groups and each of the 5 radio stations preferred Branding/ Marketing Vendor. For being that we are able to give a referral fee to Cascade Radio Group as well as the Sales staff that referred the client to Noggin Branding. We are also in conversation about having Michael James have airtime on one of the radio stations answering business and marketing questions and then being able to work with that business if they feel like going through a discovery/ proposal process. They currently have over 2,500 clients we can work with.  

We have talked with the Whatcom Business Alliance and we will be working with their staff to get personal introductions as their preferred vendor for Branding/ Marketing services. We are adding value to an organization as we are providing business growth packages to interested members and adding value to being a member in an organization offering extra value. We will be providing a referral fee for the signed clients back to WBA to keep growing the WBA revenue model. 

With the Association of Washington Business, they currently have over 7,000 businesses in their organization and they would personally introduce us to any of their members to potentially offer our services as a Preferred Vendor for Branding/ Marketing services. Noggin Branding will be able to offer Consulting, Branding, Marketing, Websites, SEO, Social Media and many other professional services to all of their members. We will be providing a referral fee for the AWB for a signed client. They also plan on having Michael James come down and have speaking engagements about this network/ referral opportunity and he will be offering business/ marketing workshops to the AWB's members. Within 1 year of his membership, Michael James will be on the Board of Directors for the AWB.   

We will be a preferred vendor for Sustainable Connections and their 450+ member organization. We will be providing value to each of their 5 focuses which are listed above. As a preferred Branding/ Marketing vendor, we will be helping their members grow their businesses, non-profits, restaurants, farms, etc... It helps the SC look much more valuable to be a part of compared to other sustainable business organizations. We also provide a referral fee for signed clients to help revenue come into SC. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services, our network, and how you will benefit!

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