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The Noggin Business Directory is a place to list your business on Google Maps and many other map listing to help your local, regional, or national SEO for your business location and services. If you have a Google Map listing that is great. We are here to help you get more reviews and manage all of your business activity including your social media accounts in one easy-to-use marketing dashboard. Find a Noggin Business Directory package to help scale your business.


Each Business Directory listing will get an image or image gallery of their choice and then a Google Map listing link to your website and Google Map. Then, you will also get links on our website to all of the contact information and social media channels you wish you share of having people contact you by.

If you take your custom customer page and share that it has a ton of SEO value and could even possibly rank higher than other links you have when people go to Google to search for your brand or services. 

Your Google Map Listing optimized to the MAX!

Customer Business Directory

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Business Directory


Noggin Business Directory - Customer Pag

This page is an example page of what your customer Business Directory page would have included and be laid out and then share online among your various outlets. 

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Noggin Business Directory offers 4 packages to help scale any sized business whether it is retail or online. Check out a Business Directory package that suits your business to keep expanding.