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Noggin Branding is a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs. We make marketing fun and drive actual retail and online business sales. How do I know? Because our business has been offering a holistic approach to marketing for 10 years with happy customers in every state. We were nominated Entrepreneur of the year in Washington State due to our client's business results and their growth due to our powerful marketing strategies. We provide a full foundation of ongoing support for any sized business. We build and manage websites, SEO everything, social media management and marketing services, and even packages for startups. We work with startups to large corporate clients, and we keep delivering huge results that are pandemic proof. We build, customize, and create to drive and convert traffic to all of your platforms. Contact us to find out more! 

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Final Touch Auto Spa

SES Builders -

Luxury Construction

Greg Martineau Commericial Real Estate

Marketing Strategy, Branding, Website, SEO, Social Media, Photography, Video, PPC, SEM, Analytics and call tracking

Final Touch Auto Spa has been one of our longer clients. They recently updated their website and saw a huge spike in new visits, a lower bounce rate, more pages viewed/session with a wider spread of demographics coming and shopping. By doing some minor changes they are seeing a large shift in their business this year! 


Marketing Strategy, Branding, Website, SEO, Social Media Setup and Advertising on Google and all Social Media Channels 

SES Builders owns 3 constructions businesses and they were looking to redo just about everything to keep updated in today's fast online world in Los Angeles. A fresh update and they are expanding their services, work offering areas and getting new clients which was the goal!   

Marketing Strategy, Branding, Website, SEO, Social Media setup, Photography

The main objective for Greg was to brand himself to attract a specific type of client. In the process, he has set himself apart in the Commercial Real Estate Market in the Whatcom County area by having a Website and SEO to help differentiate himself from the pack. He has already seen more business due to our website package.

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